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Thread: One Piece X Cup Noodles

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    Default One Piece X Cup Noodles

    Apperantly they even give some background info to this version of the strawhats but I can't seem to find it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley View Post

    Apperantly they even give some background info to this version of the strawhats but I can't seem to find it
    HUNGRY DAYS Sanji is good at cooking and soccer, has a part time job at Baratie, and always has candy in his mouth.

    Usopp like... ran an underground fake news website about his school.

    In elementary school, Nami predicted a big typhoon was coming. She always uses tangerine scented hand cream.

    Zoro's sense of direction is so bad that he still doesn't understand the route to school and is late every day. He tends to doze off and fights with his classmate Sanji. When he falls asleep in class, teachers often throw chalk at him.

    Chopper's a little young, but he's a pure, reindeer-faced boy (lol, yes, that's what it says) and everyone loves him. He's really knowledgeable about medical treatments and is often helping treat injuries in the infirmary.

    Robin's cool, well-put together, and has a sharp mind. She's interested in history and aced the Japanese History test. Her dream is to solve the mystery of the 150 year void in 4th century Japanese history.

    Franky was originally a bad student and leader of the "Franky Family" gang, but recently is focusing on his dream to become a carpenter. He made an arch for the school's culture festival and works hard to help everyone

    Brook's a young man who's skinny as a skeleton! His weakness is sunlight and he lived like a shut-in (引きこもり) and had to repeat a school year, but Luffy got him to go back to school. He likes music and uploads his songs on the net.

    Mihawk is captain of the Kendo Club & winner of the National Kendo Tournament. He usually uses a long, black bamboo sword, but uses a short bamboo sword against his juniors. He's a member of the student council, "The Seven Warriors." He likes gardening cabbages on the weekend.


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    Default Re: One Piece X Cup Noodles

    I have a set of the One Piece special edition Cup Noodles from a friend of mine who lives in Japan. Just bragging a bit. LOL!
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    I love this Hungry Days series. We already have Nami's version. I can't wait to see Robin's version as well.

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    Default Re: One Piece X Cup Noodles

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