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Thread: Chapter 947: Queen's Gamble

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    Dunno about that. It could be an inspiration but personally i'll just lean toward the more obvious food name theme. If even Streusen gets a food pun name then i'm just gonna assume intent toward caramel rather than the nunnery. But hey watch me get proven wrong when Oda comes out and claims to have been boning up on his catholicism

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    Interesting, I never really thought about it much but I also didn't know about the Carmelites. I thought it was something like how we say the "caramel" in "caramel apple" phonetically as "carmel (carmull?)."

    So I went to the source, that being the Japanese spelling of her name, and it is spelled the same as Mt. Carmel and the Carmelites, not caramel the food in Japanese. Doesn't matter much to me, I'm still going to say it like the "carmel apple."

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    Yes, her name in japanese is caRUmeru, while the food is caRAmeru (which happens to be the name of Pudding's café). Even if her name is not romanized as Carmel, she is definitely not named after caramel (although I can perfectly see Oda picking a nun-related word that would also make you think of a candy because of the arc theme).

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