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    With arguably 3-5 arcs that have happened in the past ~25 english volumes will there ever be a release that doesn't have a generic New World title?

    I would preferably have no secondary title if VIZ wants to be lazy, or bring back the gold leaf effect from the first release of the East Blue saga.

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    I think this is in the wrong section.

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    Are they still using Zolo?

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    I think it should be fairly obvious at this point that all the established names are going to stick around at least until the series is finished. I wouldn't hold my breath for changes until there's a post-completion rerelease or something like it.

    The best chance to cut off New World was probably the start of Totland, but they didn't take it, which means it's sticking around at least until Kaido falls. I would actually love for them to try something different after that though.

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    Meh don't really mind it as long as the translation is still decent.

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    It is, in the scheme of things, a really minor presentation issue that has no bearing on the actual content of the books. But I buy physical copies and I'm pretty proud of my bookshelves and collections, so I'm the kind who does gripe about small presentation problems. But neither this nor the handful of names that are a syllable different from what we usually say here is a big enough deal to be worth dropping or boycotting the official release over when it's generally of such high quality.

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