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    Re: Chapter 760: The Same Stakes

    I still was blown away by what happened to Doflamingo, i can see the criticism now i think about but it still was awesome.

    Still i liked to have some more on this part of Doflamingo's story of...
  2. Re: 657: ''The Most Unfortunate Warrior! Logan vs. Rebecca''

    I actually liked the episode for what it was Rebecca is actually pretty weak with hear drop in the water attack and Toei made use out of it because they have to as things are now.

    But was i the...
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    Re: Chapter 753 War

    Just looked at mangastream just now and the difference is huge it even solves the first mistake which i honestly din't expect because it din't seem to be a issue of quality.
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    Re: Chapter 753 War

    I should have made that one more clear the black thing above the sword doesn't seem to be the cape but what is it then ?
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    Re: Chapter 753 War

    Not only that but what the hell is this suppose to be ?

    Oda kinda dropped the ball in the end with kinda some clutter stuff here and there it almost seems...
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    Re: Chapter 748: My Repayment

    Law doesn't know it yet but there is no way Luffy is going to part with the Heart pirates anytime soon even though Luffy doesn't want all the help from the Coloseum fighters.
  7. Re: 645: ''The Destructive Cannon Explodes! Lucy's Close Call''

    This episode was really amazing the way the coloseum is executed in here is way above any tournament fighting i have ever seen and i like it more than in the manga as well.
    Green bit part was...
  8. Re: 629: ''A Violent Shock! Big, Earth-Shaking News''

    Great episode fantastic opening but din't really like the part with going up against the Admirals and such to soon i also liked the filler bits and good pacing but there is no way they can keep this...
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    Re: 625: ''Tension! Aokiji vs. Doflamingo''

    The on the boat doing stuff was so much fun this time More please !!! and i actually like momonosuke much more in the anime i suddenly realized.
    Dolfa en Aokiji wasn't a fight and shoudn't the the...
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    Re: Chapter 730: "3 Cards"

    Now that was an amazing chapter would feel kinda cheap if the sunny would just go to ZOU but then big mom showed up i still don't think there's going to be much of a fight though there best option...
  11. Re: 623: ''A Regretful Departure - Leaving Punk Hazard!''

    Episode was kinda streched out but i'm really getting excited for the Doflamingo stuff in the anime
  12. Re: 622: "Emotional Meeting! Momonosuke and Kin'emon"

    Well that sure was amazing liked it more then the manga and i'm not the only one this time
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    View Post

    Dolfamingo Flash back coming !!! this Chapter raises so many questions and ayone that sad Sanji would kick dolfa's ass come on
    Also does this mean Law doesn't even care about his crew anymore...
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    Re: One Piece 722: The Royal Bloodline

    the thing still can't seem to figure out is why most of the celestial dragons are dressed so weird still kida think that there desendents might still have been aliens we know there is at least...
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    Re: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Well even if it's personality doesn't fit Luffy won't decline anyone fast in fact it will be the first time anyone ever asks to join it has always been the other way around so i would say it's still...
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    Re: Chapter 720: Convict Gladiators

    While aokiji joining Blackbeard would be epic it would still not fit with his decision to quit the Marines (even after what happened) and see what's justice in his eyes the Blackbeard Pirates clearly...
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    Re: Chapter 720: Convict Gladiators

    Good chapter but if it wasn't for that stupid Cavandish Barto and Chinjao would be all over Luffy and it would have been great dammit Oda now i want freaking SH fanboy Barto to join
  18. Re: 609: ''Luffy Frozen?! The Terrifying Snow Woman Monet''

    There stepping up there game when they have to going by the last arks some episodes in Fishman Island and Punk hazzard haven't been the greatest when they din't have much going for but the last 3...
  19. Re: 607: ''A White-Hot Battle - Luffy vs. Caesar''

    Wow no complaints here !!! of course i din't have any either good episode hope they can keep it up for a long time now
  20. Re: 605: ''Tashigi's Tears - G5's Suicidal Breakthrough Plan''

    The beeping was kinda iritating but good episode i liked it.
    Chopper being almost like Zoro with directions was so cute and the fast moving while Monet noticed it and i din´t remember the bag being...
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    Re: Chapter 715: "Close Contest C-Block"

    Well i figured an all coloseum chapter would come sooner or later again some intresting things going on but since all the other things going on are so much more intresting i was kinda like please...
  22. Re: 604: ''Aim for Building R! The Great Assault of the Pirate Alliance!''

    Really good episode i don't mind expanding on things if it's actually done good like this i like just showing the mountains and such the way it was done and Zoro being angry with the flashback gave...
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    Re: Talk about your / other people's Avatars!

    My Avatar just me Cosplaying as Chopper:grin:
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    Re: Chapter 714: "Lucy and Ucy"

    This really bugs me i know only Luffy Zoro and Sanji have haki (as of this moment) and might end up being the only ones in the SH crew who ever do... but the other straw hat's not having observation...
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    Re: One Piece 712 : Violet

    That was freaking SUKEEEEE i can't wait a whole week for this Oda ... Dofla nobel confirmed ? connection to the celestial dragons ? Law in trouble Dressrosa flash back coming up Marine HQ not...
  26. Re: 600: ''Protect the Children! The Master's Evil Reach

    I do find that hard to believe considering law doesn't care about helping random persons (and most filles in OP are spend on helping random people) as that is supose be be normal for pirates but i...
  27. Re: 600: ''Protect the Children! The Master's Evil Reach

    Complaints Complaints Complaints !!! While i din't have any , good pacing would have to mean we go the Naruto shippuden style i just enjoyed it and i really thought the animation was just fine in...
  28. Animecon 2013 One Piece fotoshoot Netherlands (My first time Gosplaying)

    I can't believe i already posted this on so many other things and not here My first time Gosplaying i was Chopper and the only one at the whole con, and i think it tured out really good many people...
  29. Re: 592: ''The Crew's Rubbed Out! The Legendary Hitmen Attack!''

    Just played Hands UP on YouTube and then skipped retarded We GO i'd have it with We GO come on are they never going to change it or something i know it's a music issue but can't they just work it...
  30. Re: 576: ''Z's Ambition Chapter - The Strong Mysterious Army Appears!''

    Best filler arc in One Piece if you can even call it that, the first episode the set up was kinda hmm but this one kicked ass and to think they gonna wrap it up soon because if Film Z comes out there...
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