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    Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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    Thank you so much, Shadowgreed! I will do my best!!
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    Tell your friend to watch Space Dandy
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    Ah, looks like MS (and I) were wrong about the taboo name thing. It's more like "true name" (true...but secret/important enough that it should be hidden/not spoken), as Aohige explained in the chapter thread.
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    "This one's bleeding terribly."
    "He's got cracks in six ribs and in his spine."
    "Can I fix him up?"
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    Mangastream has it right. Besides "cooling" it up, they got the meanings correct.
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    I'll gladly take a look, but the link you gave me is dead.
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    Haha, well as a foreigner i honestly dont know what is considered mainstream or underground in the US. anyways, im a fan of Tyler the Creator, he is pretty funny. He might have "blown up" by now but his still got his shit togheter imo. My favourites are his golf channel "sketch" commercials/parodies for the goblin album:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7eq51hKdzA
    Its so stupid, yet funny. "i used to steal things: cheese, food, bread. now i just GOLF! all i do is GOLF, i just fucking GOLF!"
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    Well pretty much anything by DMX, i guess. Most rappers consider him the most controversial figure on the scene. EM during his crazy period was pretty whack aswell, "Kim" is a good example, were he raps about executing his ex-wife in truly gruesome graphic detail. It did result in a pretty fat Lawsuit.
    If you wanna go more oldschool, "Gimmie the Loot" by Notorious B.I.G was brutal for its time and opened the door for the more raw gangster rap. And its considered one of the best hip-hop tracks of all time to boot.
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