• 5th Annual Arlong Park Character Tournament kicks off

      Aaaaannnnnd they're off. The official 5th annual Arlong Park 2011 Greatest
      One Piece Character Tournament has begun. Festivities got started when posters
      were given a chance to throw names into the hat of potential nominees for
      inclusion in the Tournament. A preliminary round, held appropriately on Friday
      the 13th, set the wheels in motion and helped decide once and for all who the
      scariest of the scary was. Once everyone had come out from cowering under their
      blankets, it was time for the grand event, the piece de restistance, the fate
      accompli--and on Friday, May 27th, round one of the intensely tough elimination
      rounds officially began. It appears a few of those scaries stuck around, as
      already a host of characters have been relentlessly done away with, including
      the first straw hat of the tourney. Who, you ask? Head on over the the
      Tournament Venue and check out the carnage... er... results for yourself,
      and stay to vote or even campaign in the next round.
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