• News Roundup for August 14-August 20 2011

      Hey everyone how's it going? Before I begin this week's news roundup I have to really apologize for not reporting stuff her for like, almost two months. There's been plenty of stuff to report, I just haven't been on top of things and just personal were getting in the way during the summer. If anybody wants me report all the stuff "One Piece"-related that's happened over the last month-and-a-half, let me know and I'll see what I can squeeze into my schedule. Well, without further ado, here's this week's news:

      - Probably this week's biggest news is the announcement that the anime will soon be reaching the New World segment of the story. "One Piece" post time-skip debuts on Japanese T.V. on October 2nd, 2011, on its usual spot of course. So if you're in Japan be sure to catch the big premiere on Sunday morning at 9:30 on Fuji TV and Fuji TV affiliates. If things go as usual you can expect to see the debut of New World "One Piece" anime in North America on October 1st at http://www.onepieceoffcial.com at 10:00 P.M. EST

      This announcement was made via a nice set of color pages in the recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. There's word on a new opening, but it's a given (and of course new eyecatchers). There's also no indication that there will be a name change/new series to signify the time-skip, so don't expect it:



      There's also an ad from V-Jump for the time-skip:


      Thanks to http://twitter.com/#!/0XMURADX0 and redon, respectively.

      - Toei Animation has recently posted their Q1 results for 2012, and not surprisingly "One Piece" did pretty damn good:


      fhttp://twitter.com/#!/0XMURADX0 was nice enough to give a quick translated breakdown of how Toei Animation's different top properties did in several categories:

      Domestic Licensing Top 4/Million ONE PIECE(1255), PRETTY CURE(207), DRAGON BALL(71), TORIKO(57)

      Overseas Licensing Top 4/Million. ONE PIECE(41), DRAGON BALL(26), SAINT SEIYA(25), PRETTY CURE(9)

      Overseas Film Top 4/Million. DRAGON BALL(165), ONE PIECE(159), SAILOR MOON(63), SAINT SEIYA(15).

      - JManga.com, touted as the first official large-scale digital manga portal, created by 39 different Japanese manga portals, is now available for North American viewing. It launched Wednesday of this week, August 17th 2011, and among the titles available at launch is "One Piece":http://www.jmanga.com/one-piece

      s you can see from the link, the first 41 volumes are available for purchase, as well as a free preview which includes the first 56 pages of volume 1. You can leave feedback for the service on their Facebook page:


      On a side-note JManga has been very responsive to users and fans on their Facebook page. People are really bugging them about their pricing/viewing structure (about 8-10 bucks for a non-physical copy of a book) JManga has constantly been saying they're addressing that concern. I also asked them about simultaneous digital releases with Japan and they said they're working on that too. Let's hope for the best, because so far I think the site is really good but has some big flaws that need to be fixed.

      - Thanks to a post by hudemx on the German-Dubbed One Piece thread in the Anime section forum, we now know that Gemany will be getting the "One Piece" movies on BD, starting with the fifth film. Kaze Germany will release it in 16:9 widescreen. No word on the first four movies at this time:


      - While I have no official source at this time, hudemx has another bit of good news for German "One Piece" fans (you can find the original post as #686 in the German-Dubbed One Piece thread). As some of you may know, the anime was cancelled from Tele 5, and the last time the series will air on that channel will be shown will be September 17th with episode 262. The good news though is that the channel Viva has licensed the anime and will start airing it weekdays beginning September 5th. Two back-to-back episodes will be shown from 16:20 - 17:20, and while it hasn't been announced what episode order will be shown there, it's assumed they'll start at episode 1. No word on whether they'll pick up new episodes.

      - According to Tabasco Boshi on the One Piece RETURNS TO SPAIN! thread in the anime section, new episodes of "One Piece" will premiere on Spanish T.V. on Boing starting September 12th. These new episodes of the Spanish dub will include 169-263. Thanks to fogdark, we got a message from the voice actors of the new episodes thanking the fans for supporting the series, and to keep supporting it to make new episodes of the dub:

      (Click on "escuchar")

      To follow updates on what's going on with "One Piece" in Spain, you can check out "One Piece en Castellano" on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Piece-en-Castellano/109833082392827?ref=ts

      - Friendly reminder, "Strong World" begins its French theatrical run very soon, August 24th to be exact, thanks to Eurozoon and Kaze. On the same day the other "One Piece" films will begin their home video release in France starting with the first one:


      There is also a dedicated website for the French release on "Strong World", which even includes showtimes:


      - Japanese anime TV ratings are in for the week of August 1st-7th 2011. "One Piece" was the sixth highest-rated anime with an average of 9.0:


      - Japanese animation DVD sales are out for the week of August 8th-14th 2011. In terms of overall DVD rankings, "One Piece: Mugiwara Chase" went from 62nd to 54th place, selling 994 copies for a total of 8,499 units sold. "One Piece Log Collection God" went from 47th to 75th place, selling 802 copies for a total of 26,760:http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-08-16/japan-animation-dvd-ranking-august-8-14

      - "One Piece" manga sales are going strong in Japan for the week of August 8th-14th 2011. Volume 63 stayed at the #1 spot, selling 466,643 copies for a total of 2,586,044:


      - ICv2 recently posted the top 25 manga properties for the first half of 2011 in North America. "One Piece" came in at 11th place:


      - Crunchyroll News was nice enough to post a bunch of pics of the Thousand Sunny replica being exhibited at Fuji TV's "Odaiba Gassyukoku/United States of Odaiba", being held at their headquarters from July 16th to August 31st:


      Finally, we have info and boxart for "One Piece Collection 3" from FUNimation. It streets November 29th, 2011 with an MSRP of $34.98, and contains episodes 54-78:



      That's it, see you later.
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